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As a scientist Ivo is very manipulative, he realized that Slade had loved Shado and got Oliver to admit that her death was his fault, which prompted his former friend to attack Oliver.

Ivo is somewhat predictable, Sara realized that when Oliver was captured on board the Amazo he would use truth serum to get him to talk which was correct and it led his men into a trap in the boiler room.

A Mirakuru-enhanced Slade then burst out of the forest and wiped out most of his men, forcing Ivo to flee.

When Sara, Oliver, and Slade all escaped Ivo, they set up camp for the night.

He tells Sara and Oliver that he created a cure to counteract the effects of the Mirakuru; in return for the cure's location, he requests a quick death.

They agree, and Ivo tells them that the cure is in the Amazo and gives them the key to it.

When Sara Lance awoke on the Amazo after almost drowning, she found herself in a cage.

Anthony ordered "The Captain" to release her, and he took her back to his quarters.

Ivo took a defenseless Oliver, Shado, and Sara to the surrounding forest.

He informed her that he was a scientist who intended to "save the human race".

Quite a while later, after capturing Oliver Queen (who adopted the pseudonym "Tommy"), he interrogated him, explaining that he was looking for a sunken submarine containing a serum created by the Japanese army during World War II, Mirakuru.

He is left with Sara, Anatoly, and Thomas, along with Oliver by Slade.

Ivo is slowly dying from gangrene resulting from his amputated hand.

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