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She can even handle the ultra-surrealism of Holy Motors, so top marks for that.

Sexiest Role: She breaks hearts in With her classically sculpted features, Cate Blanchett sometimes seems like a Golden Age Hollywood star more than an actress of today.

And she quickly capitalised on it, proving herself with drama The Last Summer and going full Farrelly for There's Something About Mary, the first of many screwball roles.

But though she'll often be cast simply as the beauty, Diaz has shown an admirable ability to play other sides, including Being John Malkovich's weird Lotte Schwartz.

She's best known these days as the ass-kicking Alice from the Resident Evil films, but she's also managed to squeeze in dramas around bashing zombies and has played both Joan Of Arc and the Supreme Being.

It doesn't hurt that in addition to natural glamour, she's game for a laugh.

And it doesn't hurt that she often has a European approach to clothing, too…

Sexiest Role: Malèna Scordia finds herself the focus of attention for a whole village in 2000's In recent years, Kendrick has been embraced as the epitome of sweet-natured sass, with her adorable brunette locks and pixie face.

Whether she's gracing blockbusters or small Euro-indies, she seems equally at home.Sexiest Role: It's not enough that Rosario Dawson is beautiful, graceful and powerful all in one package.She's also a nerd who proudly flies the flag for geekdom, even going so far as to create her own comic book. As if that weren't enough, she can play tough with aplomb and sings too, as the film version of Rent – for all its faults – proved.With raven hair and onyx eyes that see straight through you, she's always the focus of attention on screen, even in small roles. Eva Mendes has a lot to like about her, and has slowly made her way up the acting ranks to jobs that let her work with her beauty and sometimes play against it.Sexiest Role: She's cheeky and fun in The dark eyes, like deep pools. She's proved she can handle comedy, but seems at her best when she's tackling something dramatic, as in Training Day.

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