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Book a ticket somewhere you have always wanted to go. It really doesn’t matter where you go – just that you go.And that you post lots of photos online and brag to your friends about what a great time you are having. If you can’t get out of dodge, don’t contact him and spend a week regrouping.Because ironically, the best way to make him miss you, is to make him believe you have stopped missing him.Boys are funny like that, fragile little egos in even the most burly of men.​A lot of women have the bad habit of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. We love with full and adoring hearts, and often – that is what endears men to us in the first place. You want to talk through your feelings with everyone you know – analyzing and rehashing the details of your breakup until you feel better. Because if anyone knows that you are trying to figure out how to get him to want you back, that information will find its way to your ex in no time.

So cover that heart of yours up for just a little while and keep your cards close to your chest. Most women experience a similar state of grief and even single-mindedness at this point, so don’t chastise yourself for that.Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and a little distance between you and your ex boyfriend right now is exactly what the doctor ordered.If you want to get your former flame to miss you, you need to pack a bag and peace out. Call up some friends and propose a grand adventure.That ignites a touch of regret in him, as your former flame wonders whether he may have made a mistake in letting you go. The best part is that he now realizes you aren’t just waiting at home for him.He can’t call you up for a late night drunken bootie call, or decide he has changed his mind and beg to see you tomorrow.

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