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A publisher would be hard pressed to find a more deserving photo for a double-page spread than this one, however due to an error on my part (there were no details identifying the photographer on the reverse of the photo) I wrongly attributed the photo to Alan Parkin The photo is copyrighted to Richard S Greenwood, who explains that it is from one of his own negatives (Ref HC22) and shows B1 61017 Bushbuck working train 1N55.

The ensemble is descending from Copy Pit summit through the reverse curves at Cornholme on 4th August 1962 and the shot was taken from a location above the Staff of Life public house.

As a result, several factors have to be taken into consideration, such as type of film, angle of shot, focus, choice of lens - and, the most important of all: a fast shutter speed.

Of course, success also depends on the vagaries of the weather!

Serial numbers, models, any information on any product built or sold by AH Mc Donald & Co. 0427 343 763 Register for all Allis Chalmers tractors, crawlers and machinery. Email: [email protected]: a club), helps Howard enthusiasts seek out other individuals, locating parts, literature and assistance within its own membership network. Contact Co-ordinator, Robert Moore, Ph/Fax (02) 6845 3279.

John Touzel, 6 Sanders Lane, Korumburra, Vic 3950 Ph.

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By 1907 the Works had produced its thousandth engine, a four-cylinder compound 0-8-0.Other locomotives rolling off the production line included HG Ivatt's Class 4MT 2-6-0s Nos 43000-49 between December 1947 and November 1949, followed by Nos 4316 in March 1951 to January 1952.A batch of Fowler 4F 0-6-0s Nos 44457-66 was built between March 1928 and July 1928 plus four batches of the Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-8-44717 (December 1948-December 1949) Nos 44783-99 (March 1947-October 1947) Nos 44932-66 (September 1945-August 1946) Nos 44982-99 (September 1946-March 1947).However by spring 1963 I acquired an 8mm film camera and so concentrated on cine with only a few still photos after that date...' Needless to say, I apologize unreservedly for wrongly crediting his photo…after all this is one of the best photos on the entire site, stirring up fond memories of lazy lineside trysts with a camera in the early Sixties; indeed compared to the frenetic jostling for elbow room among the rat pack of steam photographers today, railway photography was largely a relaxing pursuit in the old days - at least, that's how I remember it.There is a tranquil quality about this photograph that you're unlikely to find anywhere near a steam special nowadays.

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