Removing online dating profile

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These voting sites display public voting records on their website including full legal names, phone numbers, birthdates and voting party affiliation.They are collecting Google Adsense and other advertising revenue. We do not know who owns these websites but if you …Read More The Revenge website owner Kevin Blollaert, 28-years old was found guilty of 27 felony counts for created a revenge porn website where he posted more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos of women online to extort hundreds of dollars from each. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents.He was convicted of 21 identity theft and 6 extortion counts. Read More Today, we are testing the National Do Not Call Registry and we're re-adding our business phone numbers, residential and cell phones to the National Do Not Call Registry. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and operators. Read More As lawmakers including several potential class action lawsuits have pushed to get these sites shutdown are at the very least removed from the Search Engine Results, the identities or ownrers of these websites have finally become public knowledge.

Since you can't currently make these videos private, here are recommended privacy settings for your Vine App including information about deleting a video post and blocking users. Vine Videos - Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine Profile, Timelines of your Vine followers. Read More Here are the steps to Block a User on Instagram.Here are the You privacy settings to disable the collection of this information. Here is Internet's recommended Privacy and Timeline & Tagging Settings.Recommended Privacy Settings 1) Privacy Settings - Settings, Privacy Settings Who can see your future posts?The project Obscurity targets mug-shot websites by cloning them and scrambling their data to obfuscate the information on tens of millions of individuals who have been incarcerated in the U. The names, last names, and mug-shots are shuffled and the photos blurred to make the individuals listed unrecognizable, …Read More These are the three individuals that are alleged to own - Sahar Sarid, Thomas Keesee and Marc Epstein.

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