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However, the project had fallen through and, rather than return to Stalin's Moscow a failure, he had agreed to make a non-political film in Mexico for the left-leaning author Upton Sinclair.

But, 250 miles of footage later, Eisenstein was no closer to realising his vision.

But, for all the broad comedy, this is also an admiring study of an artist who transformed his medium and Greenaway draws on Eisenstein's writings to highlight how the potential of the moving image has been wasted since talkies stole their poetic purity.

Visually dazzling, if dramatically patchy arthouse pantomime that gleefully deflates a maestro's myth while poking scabrous fun at his homophobic homeland.

That is not the way that the Russian authorities want to see a national hero portrayed, especially following the introduction of a law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors” in 2013. They are criticised and attacked.” Fomina acknowledged.

Femke Wolting, the producer of Eisenstein in Guanajuato, confirmed that Russian distributors and producers refused to back the film because of its open depiction of the director’s homosexuality.“We tried to involve the Russians in different ways,” Ms Wolting told The Independent. We tried to get Russian distributors aboard and a Russian producer possibly to access finance from Russia but all were impossible because of the fact that film showed that Eisenstein was gay. “On the other side, I don’t care if Eisenstein was gay.

Une terre bénie pour lui car il y trouve rapidement l'inspiration.

Même s’il ne résiste pas à montrer Eisenstein comme un moujik mal dégrossi et son amant comme une caricature de gigolo, Greenaway, pour la première fois, filme le bonheur, même s’il s’évanouit au moment où il surgit. Dans cet hôtel étrange où un ouvrier invisible semble réparer, sans cesse, une plomberie déficiente, on entend des coups réguliers et sourds.The legendary film director Sergei Eisenstein is considered one of the proudest figures in Russia’s cultural history, but whether a new movie about his life – and an alleged gay love affair in particular – will ever be screened in his home country is in grave doubt.Eisenstein in Guanajuato, the latest film by British director Peter Greenaway, receives its world premiere at the Berlin festival later this week.As Eisenstein's lifelong admirer, Peter Greenaway speculates upon the 10 days that shook his world with an aesthetic audacity and impish bawdiness that will delight devotees as much as the scene of the 33 year-old losing his virginity to a bisexual Mexican has tasked the Kremlin.Photographed with elegant vigour by Reinier van Brummelen, this seduction stands out alongside the visit to the Museum of Death and the sinuous discussion of finance in the columned dining room.

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