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So, Mistress Delia and I decided to have her do a little ‘necessity’ shopping prior to her mall excursion.

The movie implies that a gay teen sleeps with an older man, though, again, nothing is shown.

She let us know that she would already be dressed in her sissy slut outfit and sent us photos of what she was wearing. She had on a silky pink button-up shirt, black leather skirt, black stockings, some GORGEOUS fuschia hot pink ‘fuck me’ pumps, full make-up, and wig. Now, Vicky had told Mistress Delia and I that she would be going to a mall local to her, and asked that we instruct and choose stores for her to walk into and shop while she was dressed in her sissy outfit.

She had even painted her nails in a HOT fuschia polish! She also let us know that she would be arranging for some hot cock for herself to suck after our shopping spree.

As Vicky waited in line at the Walmart, Mistress Delia and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at the idea that someone right at that moment was probably taking photos or video of slutty Vicky with her cart full of faggot cocksucker items, and we started taking bets on when we might find Vicky’s photo on “People of Walmart” website!! After the cashier rang up all of her items and bagged them, we told Vicky that she had to tell the cashier that her debit card had a hard time sliding through the machine, so could she please slide it for her?

This way the cashier would see the debit card and the slut behind the outfit!!

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