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However, since the CAST is a parental report screening questionnaire, the clinical diagnosis received earlier was deemed more valid and these participants were not excluded from the sample.The two groups were matched on sex, age, verbal IQ and performance IQ. The selected concepts included emotions that are developmentally significant, subtle variations of basic emotions that have a mental component and emotions and mental states that are important for everyday social functioning.The CAM-C may be a useful test for endophenotypic studies of ASC and is one of the first to use dynamic stimuli as an assay to reveal the ER profile in ASC.It complements the adult version of the CAM Face-Voice Battery, thus providing opportunities for developmental assessment of social cognition in autism. The ability to discriminate emotions starts during the first year of life.The ASC group comprised 30 children (29 boys and 1 girl), aged 8.2 to 11.8 ( = 10.0, SD = 1.1). Parents reported their children had no psychiatric diagnoses and special educational needs, and none had a family member diagnosed with ASC.All participants were given the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI) and scored above 80 on both verbal and performance scales.

Participation required informed consent from parents and verbal assent from children.

This is an adaptation of a complex ER battery for adults [].

The CAM-C includes nine different complex emotions.

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